Luggage in air strikes: What do you need to know?

Any journey to another country suggests that a person needs to take with him the most necessary things that will be suitable for him in the coming path. The number of things in the baggage may depend on the choice of a particular country, its climatic conditions, the time of stay, as well as the type of leisure, which will be held in another country.

At the moment, traveling over long distances are increasingly happening on board the aircraft, since the airline is trying to provide their customers with a fast, high-quality and safe way, and air travel themselves are becoming cheaper, which makes it possible to take advantage of this type of transport even a person with an average income. However, there are a number of nuances that you should know before collecting luggage on the road. First, it all depends on the aircraft itself, as well as from the selected passenger class. There is a division into three classes - this is a business class, economy class, and the first class.

However, there is a free service provided by the airline that implies free transportation of baggage, whose weight does not exceed thirty kilograms, although with all this, some companies do focus on the class who travels man. So, for example, first-class passengers can carry a little more baggage, and the weight of the luggage of passengers economy class can be limited to fifteen kilograms, and in that and in another case, any kilogram above the norm will be paid separately. With you to the salon, any passenger is allowed to take manual bags, folding strollers and food for the child, necessary items for people with disabilities, with all this certain weights for such things are also present.

There are also certain restrictions that are detected with pre-flight inspection, for example, money, jewels, telephones and laptops should be placed in manual stack and take with them on board the aircraft, the transportation of stitching and cutting items is prohibited, the blade length exceeds six centimeters, also in the salon The aircraft is forbidden to carry obviously hazardous items: various kinds of liquid, cures lighters, matches and even cosmetic scissors. People who own a good sense of humor advantaged him to save it for another time, since any sharp joke during customs may be regarded as a provocation, or simply violating the order, which can serve as an additional personal inspection or at worst lead to criminal or administrative responsibility. The 10 Best Places for Outsourcing of Your PHP Project .