What diet to choose after the holidays?

After winter holidays, many people are looking for effective diets to help the body return to normal mode. What dies can be chosen to lose weight safely?

Popular Types of Diet

The following types of diets enjoy the greatest popularity in the world:

low carb

The Mediterranean diet received the first place in the list of diets, according to the conclusions of the Doctors of the National Institute of US Health. American experts regularly publish a similar rating. This diet was Alex Kis, who had noticed that residents of the Mediterranean region have a healthier cardiovascular system. It turned out that this is associated with an active way of life and nutrition. Regular loads and consumption of plant food help support health.

Basic principles are a minimum of red meat, sugar and fats. More vegetables and nuts. Such an approach helps to lose weight, prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. Low-carb diets are a number of diet, which also includes Duucan and Atkinson's food programs. The main thing is to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates as much as possible and make the body use a pending fat as a source of energy. To completely eliminate carbohydrates from the diet, it is impossible, therefore, their number should be reduced to 20-150 grams depending on weight and goal.

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What is a flexist diet?

Flexitarian diet is a vegetarian power supply. It does not exclude meat entirely, but prohibits fried red meat, fatty varieties. That is, there are burgers and steaks are not recommended, but you can afford a chicken fillet. You also need to drink plenty of water and there are vegetable products. All this allows you to improve health and reset overweight.

It is very important to choose exactly the diet that suits your body. Incorrect nutrition can cause big problems, so you should not starve and there is only lettuce leaves. The body should receive balanced nutrition, otherwise stress will force it to postpone fat in case of useful substances. Best negotiation training courses https://cosmitto.com.au/course-category/business-management/negotiation-skills/ in Australia.