Tips for the passage of the game SURGE. Passage of the game # 021

First contour

To remove the castle that you saw on the first floor of the installation, you will need to activate four bypass. But first you need to get to them.

To do this, exit the medpark on the second floor and go around it right. Win her opponent in the room on the right and move forward by visible road. Win several enemies that will climb from the floor as you approach them.

At the end of the corridor, open the door and go down the stairs. To defeat your opponent and take the implant Vanadium E-Cell, hidden behind the drawers. Then turn right. Run along the corridor, crossing a poisonous fog and kill the enemy in front of yourself.

Open the door in the picture to unlock the path to the stairs at which you have already been. With the visible point jump down to the left. Before you, another corridor with several, not too dangerous enemies. First, run to the very end of the corridor and use the exolipter to the left. Win your opponent at the highest level and take the implant VITALITY INJECTION V5.

Then use the technical corridor you see in the room after the descent on the exo elevator. Win your opponents and go to the left. You are waiting for another elevator. You will fall into the place shown in the picture. This is the first of four chains that you have to overload. Also in the room there are two opponents: one sprays poisonous gas, and the other is set on it. Kill them and move to the left in terms of the panel that you overloaded the scheme.

Second contour

Follow the corridor to the very end and you will find yourself in the Creo protection area. At this stage you can decide which end you want to see after the victory over the main boss. When you go through the door, one crystalis will immediately attack you. Win it, go to the door and turn right. You will see the load of utopia.

First, take the package delivery record, and then decide whether you want to destroy the utopia protocols or, rather, save them. If you do not interact with the panel marked in the picture when you finish the game, your account will be credited to the achievement "New, Best World". The interaction gives a chance to unlock the trophy "for the benefit of mankind."

It is also worth passing right in the corridor guarded by the being created by utopia. Remember that opponents of this type will kill you even one blow regardless of the amount of health points. Run beyond and roll left. Thus, you will find yourself over the battle of the battle with bosses. You can't go there, but you will also find an entry in magazine number 23 and code name: GoetterDaemmerung weapon. Looking for good education? Best Training Providers in South Africa on online. Read reviews, learn more.