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Sensitive, precise, adapted architecture integrating part of the fundamental dream unique to each individual, which our associates work to respect and amplify with the utmost care.

Bringing your expectations and needs to life in line with your specifications and agreed budget, while breathing creativity and innovation into your project: that’s the ethos of AIA-Architectes SA. What’s more, economic and environmental considerations are an integral part of our planning process, meaning that AIA-Architectes SA not only reflects our clients’ concerns as closely as possible, but we also offer solutions that put challenges linked to the environment and sustainable development first.

The perfect symbiosis between founders Karim Alami and Angelo Iraci, who already have many highly varied and ambitious projects to their names, makes AIA-Architectes SA your indispensable partner and ideal response to your expectations, whatever they may be.

With a perfect command of cutting-edge tools, an eye for efficiency and competitiveness, you’ll never be as demanding of AIA-Architectes SA as we are of ourselves!

Every client is a priority and we approach every project with the same passion. You’ll receive consultations, tailored analyses and comprehensive feasibility studies which are usually free of charge depending on the scale of the project. Meticulous care of your project and support at every stage are guaranteed.


Thanks to a team of experienced professionals, AIA-Architectes SA celebrates in 2020 a decade rich in experiences!
We offer a holistic approach that focuses on the specific requirements of each client.

We always welcome new clients with the same passion and provide them with advice, analyses and comprehensive feasibility studies, which are usually free of charge depending on the scale of the project.

Each project is distinguished by an innovative, creative approach which chimes with the needs and desires of the client.
Our main aim is to eradicate any surprises and capital gains as far as possible.

Our architects use the most up-to-date methods and guarantee that the most meticulous care is afforded to every project.

Our architects have designed their workspace to be an efficient working environment and a welcoming place for discussion. Our open-plan home focuses on what is essential.

Our associates and their assistants conduct their work in the same space for improved efficiency and constructive discussions which reflect the mindset of the architects working within it.

With an aim to create architecture that’s practical, human, attractive, efficient and profitable, our workspaces are designed as lively hubs that allow optimal use of the environment.