Health Girls

What parents, in the family of which girl will grow up, do not want to see her healthy and cheerful? Therefore, the health of the girl needs to take care of the earliest age, remembering that you grow a future mother.

Early childhood

In the first months of life, the girl needs a medical examination to make sure that its development occurs normally. It is important for parents to follow the hygiene daughter, regularly wash it and change diapers.

After a year, when the child begins to walk on their own, the requirements for cleanliness are increasing in the entire apartment, and not only in the children's room. For children's health, it is important to harden the hardening from an early age, and the outdoor walks will become excellent prevention of colds and rickets.

The girl needs to be fed diverse and moderately. But canned and smoked to give it no recommended.

From 5-6 months, you can enter the first kaski, cooked on milk and softening with the help of a blender - buckwheat, rice, hectoral, etc. In porridge from 6 months can be added creamy oil.

At 7-8 months, cottage cheese and yolk, kefir introduced.

In 8 months, you can give first biscuits and bread, first meat - beef, rabbit, horseback, chicken, turkey.

From 9-11 - these are the first broths, pork meat, welded soups, cutlets for a pair, etc.

Those. In the first 6 months, food should be easy and not loaded the stomach. But in the next six months you can enter everything else.

Baby food Gerber

Gerber is a well-known manufacturer of baby food. Fruit and vegetable mashed potatoes, leaving under the brand Gerber, enjoy any baby. They do not contain starch, salts and sugars. Puree have a natural and pleasant taste.

For Gerber advertising, in the USA in 1928 a competition was held for the best drawing for the brand. The artist Dorothy Hup Smith depicted a neighbor girl in his drawing, but did not have time to finish the work to the competition and introduced it as it was. Anna Turner was called Anna Turner. This illustration won. It began to be used in advertising, which brought great popularity to the company and the image adopted as the official trademark of Gerber. Starting from 1931, an illustration of this little girl appears on each jar with a puree, as well as in advertising.

At the moment, the original drawing is stored in the secret safe of the company. Little girl depicted on it, Anna Turner lives in the USA in Florida. The Gerber company annually has a turnover of more than a billion dollars. The company provides mom the opportunity to feed its children with high-quality and useful food. Currently, more than 80 different types of baby food are represented. These are: vegetable and fruit juices, toasts, baby cookies, a variety of puree and porridge. Gerber will provide your baby a variety of and tasty menu. Best Project Management training courses providers in Australia.