Сosplay these days

Now cosplay has become very popular all over the world. There are a large number of major anime festivals in Japan, Europe, the United States and Russia, where this subculture takes precedence.

European and American cosplay is slightly different from that of the land of the rising sun. Among western cosplayers, characters from American comic books, sci-fi movies, historical figures and characters from historical films are more popular. The largest number of people in Japan gather events that are associated with computer games and anime.

In Japan, the image of cats is very popular, so in cosplay and anime culture, there are many details that are borrowed from members of the cat family and most anime characters have ears and tails, which is reflected in the cosplay. The well-known "nya," which mimics the cat's meow of the Japanese, has become the preferred exclamation of anime subculture. This exclamation conveys various emotions: disappointment, sadness, joy, pleasure, or admiration. The phenomenon of cosplaying animal characters is called kigurumi. You can order different cosplayers on destiny 2 costumes and cosplay.

Cosplayers have also come up with their own qualitative distinctions that define their belonging to this subculture. They make special trinkets and badges, dye their hair brightly or unusually one strand in their hair.

In Japan and other countries, ready-made costumes with the appropriate accessories are already sold, but as a rule, a real cosplayer creates his own costume according to his own sketch. The language in which cosplayers communicate is enriched with catchphrases and exclamations borrowed from the Japanese language.

In cosplay, a costume that will be worked out to the smallest detail, a figure similar to the character being copied, quality makeup, and some character traits and mannerisms are very important.

In terms of psychology

Psychologists believe that cosplay is an original way for fans of Japanese subculture to express themselves. This type of costume play allows a person to not only unwind, but also to self-explore, get to know themselves and discover their acting abilities