Social Trading as the perfect entry into the stock market world?

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The stock market offers an alternative. Bank products are usually quite expensive, but in the meantime numerous online brokers have created inexpensive products.

It all comes down to risk management

There are numerous ways to earn money on the stock market. Modern online providers offer quite a few lucrative opportunities to profit in Besides stock trading, commodity trading or trading with ETFs, forex trading is a popular instrument to build up assets. It is usually not quite as simple as many imagine trading to be. Dealing with levers needs to be learned just as much as recognizing trends and good entry and exit points.

To get a feel for trading, it is worth trying it out with a demo account. This gives interested parties a feel for trading on the stock market and allows them to try out strategies without risk. There is a lot to learn, for example that stock market trading requires a lot of patience and discipline. Experiences in the demo account save one or the other teaching money, which everyone pays at the beginning of their trading career.

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Learn and profit from the best with social trading

A special possibility is offered by social trading, where platforms grant the opportunity to learn from experienced traders. One of the leading providers is eToro. As an online broker, the company has been dedicated to social trading since 2007. Investors can exchange strategies, trends and economic news and thus support each other. In doing so, inexperienced users can look over the shoulder of experienced traders and even copy their trading. In this way, investors benefit from the success of the best without having to pay a fee to a bank advisor.

eToro is a globally operating company that is regulated by the state. In the EU, like many online brokers, the company is under the supervision of the Cypriot regulatory authority CySec. 16 million users prove the great reliability of the broker, which makes eToro one of the major online brokers.

Shares are still a good investment as a retirement provision

Especially in the last crisis, central banks and government have shown how determined they are to support the economy. While bonds and savings investments achieved no or hardly any returns, some stock indices were already able to reach new all-time highs again. Stocks remain a high-yield investment. The key is to choose stocks wisely and to be patient. eToro offers a wide range of stocks from renowned companies. In general, it should be noted that high potential returns are also accompanied by high risk of loss. The advantage at eToro: customers buy the shares without commission. Apart from the trading margin between the buying and selling price of the share, no other fees are incurred. This means that the return remains with the investor, which accelerates the accumulation of wealth.

In order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by stock trading, a prudent investment strategy is required. It is important to diversify the investment across different stocks and other asset classes. Here the community helps with its tips to identify promising trends and ideas. If you do not have time for trading, look for some successful traders and copy them. Through diversification, the risks on the stock market can be minimized. In addition to stocks, forex, cryptos, commodities, indices can be traded as CFDs or ETFs at eToro.