Slot Wheel of Wonders Demo: Play for Free and Win Big!

Play slot machine Wheel of Wonders from the company PushGaming you can in demo mode, completely free of charge. Wheel of Wonders slot has a payout percentage of 96.50%, 6 spinning reels, 729-46,656 paylines. There is a bonus game, there are freespins, there is a Wild symbol, no Scatter symbol, and there is a multiplier. Play slot machine Wheel of Wonders can be in automatic mode, there is a "Fast spin" mode.

Wheel of Wonders is a slot machine with blocked rows from developers Push Gaming.

Slot machine Wheel of Wonders is made in the ancient Egyptian theme, but more attention is paid to the Mesopotamian mythology. Your task is to find mysterious relics, traveling through ancient places, and powerful gods will help you in this.

Spin the Wheel of Wonders from Push Gaming to start your journey through mystical Egypt, start your free spins and get unlimited progressive multipliers.

Wheel Of Wonders is a very changeable network powered slot from Push Gaming where you can unlock up to 3 additional rows. It is initially played on 6 reels, 3 rows and 729 directions, but each cascading win unlocks a new reel position. Releasing a full row triggers a bonus wheel with cash prizes, multipliers and reel modifiers. The bonus round starts when all 3 rows are activated and here you can get big winnings of up to 47,223x.

Don't insult this game by mistaking it for another Ancient Egypt-themed slot. No, it takes place in the ancient land of Mesopotamia, and Push Gaming has clearly put a lot of thought into every inch of this impressive creation. The level of visual detail is as close to perfect as these games come -, and the game itself is simply flawless through and through. However, you'll need a healthy dose of patience to enjoy this volatile beast, and it's really not a game for beginners or low-risk players.

It's rare to see a video slot in which all the features add up in such a harmonious way, approaching a climax. Nevertheless, the downside is the many anticlimactic cascading descents that you will no doubt experience here as well. Frustration can be as intense as your excitement in this game, and many times you will be close, but not a cigar. Nevertheless, the game is very interesting when you're on a roll, and the expectation that you'll never know where one spin might lead will keep you in suspense until the very end.

Features of Wonder Wheel

The first thing you'll notice is that half of the 6x6 grid is covered in inactive tiles. You start by spinning the bottom half of the 6x3 grid and unlock 1 additional symbol position in the inactive row immediately above for each winning combination.

This is where the cascading win feature comes in handy. The more you win, the more inactive tiles are unlocked, which again increases your chances of continuing the process. When you completely unlock an entire row, you activate the Ancient Wheel feature.

A slightly different Ancient Wheel is awarded for unlocking row 4, not row 5, and here's what you can win on the Wheel of Fortune:

Wheel for row 1 - gives you either a random win of 1x to 5000x, a multiplier increase of 2x to 10x, or 1 of 3 modifiers (embellishment (symbol upgrades), conversion (random jokers) or restoration (opens additional reel positions)) .

The wheel for row 2 is the same as above, but with the added Renovate modifier (converts all low value symbols to medium and/or high value symbols).

If you manage to unlock all 3 extra rows (i.e. 18 reel positions), you activate the Wheel of Wonders multiplier selection, which precedes the free spins bonus round. This Wheel has 3 levels, and which level you get depends on how many Ancient Wheels you have saved "in escrow".

You'll get 5 free spins either way, and the multiplier from the Wonder Wheel will be carried over. In the bonus round, you'll play a full 6x6 grid, which means 46,656 ways to win. All winnings depend on the multiplier you receive, and you can get 2, 3 or 5 extra spins if you manage to win 5, 9 or 15 times, respectively. A re-run also gives you a new spin on the Wonder Wheel, which increases your existing multiplier.

Play Wheel of Wonders slot machine for free

Initially the playing field of Wheel of Wonders slot consists of 6 reels, 3 rows and 729 ways to win, but it can reach 46,656 due to the fact that blocked positions will be opened (more on that later). Winnings are awarded when 3 or more of the same symbols (or the 2 most valuable symbols) appear on adjacent reels, starting from the left-most reel.

Like other slot machines developed by Push Gaming you can play Wheel of Wonders on all devices from €0.10 to €100 per spin. The RTP of Wheel of Wonders is 96.50% and volatility is high. The maximum payout is x47,233 of your total bet.

Wheel of Wonders slot special symbols

The only special symbol on the Wheel of Wonders slot is the wild symbol, represented by Sargon the Great, which you'll use to win more often as it can replace any symbol in the game.

Bonus features of the Wheel of Wanders slot machine

Your main objective when playing Wheel of Wonders slot is to maximize the playing field, and you can do this by simply forming winnings. Each winning combination opens an extra cell on blocked rows and triggers cascades. You'll also see that the symbols that created the win are removed, allowing new ones to take their place, and giving you the opportunity for another win. If you get another win, more additional cells open, continuing the process.

When a full row of extra cells is added, you get a spin of the Ancient Wheel. There are a total of three separate wheels and they will not start until a spin or cascade does not bring a win. The Ancient Wheel has 3 levels:

  • 1st wheel (1st row unlocked) - you get a random cash prize from x1 to x5000 of your bet, a random win multiplier from x2 to x10, or one of the following modifiers - restoration, embellishment, transmutation.
  • 2nd wheel (unlocked 2 rows) - you will receive a random cash prize of x1 to x5000 of your bet, a random win multiplier of x2 to x10, or one of the following modifiers - restoration, decoration, transmutation, repair.
  • 3rd wheel (3 rows unlocked) - you will receive a random cash prize of x1 to x5000 of your bet, a random win multiplier of x2 to x10, or one of the following modifiers - restore, decorate, repair, transmute.

Here's what you can expect from the modifiers:

Decoration function - the most common symbol type is converted to a higher level symbol.

Refresh function - all low value characters are converted to a random medium or high value character.

Restore function - a random number of additional cells are added with new symbols appearing in these newly added positions.

Transmutation feature - a number of symbols on the reels are turned into wild symbols.

Wheel of Wonders feature - triggered when all 18 additional cells are unlocked and triggered after a cascade or spin that did not bring a win. The Wheel of Wonders has 3 levels and the one you get depends on whether or not you have the Ancient Wheel feature saved. Then you get a win multiplier and the free spins feature is activated.

The free spins feature - you get 5 free spins with a full grid of 6 rows active throughout the round. The number of ways to win increases to 46,656 and all wins are subject to a multiplier. You can also get more free spins.

All in all, Wheel of Wonders is a decent slot machine that has all the chances to be a hit, thanks to its various features, the large number of ways to form winnings and of course the impressive payouts.

Summary of the review

By creating Wheel Of Wonders, Push Gaming has created something close to a masterpiece. The level of detail is stunning, and everything is organized like a symphony of cascades that continues to evolve toward ever-increasing reel positions, modifiers, and winning multipliers before finally culminating in a bonus round. The downside is the brutal volatility, which means you'll have to endure long walks in the wilderness, with very little mana in sight.

Nevertheless, the potential, which is officially listed as "infinite," more than weighs on this one, not least because payouts of up to 47,233x have been reported. Any single spin can literally explode with an orgy of cascades here, and this unpredictability is the true appeal of such games. It's safe to say that this may not be the best game for casual, low-risk players, but more experienced players have countless hours of high-quality entertainment to look forward to.