Gout: What products can be used, and what no?

Gout arises including due to the use of certain products or drinks. The reason is the ingredients called purines that the body metabolizes to uric acid (MK).

If the MK is not excreted from the kidneys or it is in such quantities with which the body cannot cope with the crystallization of the acid in the mononatrius of the Urat. The accumulation of crystals in the joints is accompanied by severe pain, which usually begins at night and is localized mainly in the thumb.

Proper nutrition and refusal of products that can cause the gout attack are based on the fight against the gout. That is why doctors usually inform patients about how to eat and maintain their health.

What products can I eat?

People with gout are recommended to reduce protein intake and is mostly low-fat meat, fish and chicken. Pork, lamb and beef are associated with an increased risk of gout attack, so caution should be taken when using this type of meat. Patients gout are not prohibited eating dairy products if they do not contain a large number of fats.

Complicated carbohydrates are recommended, as they are slower metabolized by the body, which reduces appetite, and, moreover, these carbohydrates help maintain a healthy body weight.

Eat as many different fruits and vegetables as possible. They are rich in fiber, which helps to process MK and good for health.

It is important to drink enough water during the day, since studies show that increased consumption can be associated with a decrease in the risk of gout aggravation.

What products can not eat?

Do not replace water with high sugar drinks. These drinks are sweeten with fructose syrup, which stimulates the production of MK. Studies show that people who use this drink are susceptible to increased risk of gout.

Some vegetables, such as asparagus and spinach, can cause a gout attack, but are not as dangerous as red meat. Purines contained in vegetables are easier to derive from the body. Experts recommend using these vegetables in raw form.

Bean contain a significant amount of purines, which makes them unsuitable for patients with gout. If you cannot completely abandon these products, you should consume them in minimal quantities.

Unpleasant news for beer lovers. Beer is a very bad choice for patients with gout, it is even more harmful for them than red meat. It increases the number of MCs in the body and makes it difficult to eliminate it. Wine can have the same effect, although not so strong. Therefore, experts recommend that their patients completely avoid drinking alcohol to protect themselves from gout attacks. Best Custom Cakes on demand on Tort Expert near you.