How to make the kitchen on a small area seemed more?

Galife's kitchen got its name from a long, narrow kitchen, usually found in the train, plane or ship. In such small kitchens sometimes there is a feeling of cramped and claustrophobia. However, it can be done so that the kitchen seemed more and increase its effectiveness without demolishing the walls. Take advantage of professional decoration tips to turn your small kitchen to a room that will look and seem more spacious.

Walls and ceilings
Apply a bright paint onto the walls, creating a visual illusion of a more spacious room. Putting a beige, soft white or light gray - these are light colors of paint, which provide a neutral background for almost any color scheme. Paints with matte or coolant reflect more light, which makes the room more open and air. In addition, you can visually lift the low ceiling, painting it on a couple of tones lighter color walls. Color the ceiling in the kitchen in white, so that it seemed even higher.

Floors and lighting
Floors of solid wood, laid in the longitudinal direction in the kitchen-gallery, will help to make the room more. The horizontal location of the floor boards can give the room more compact, "chopped" view. Floors of light tones, especially in tone walls and cabinets, usually make a narrow kitchen wider. Avoid patterned floors that can visually narrow the room. Natural or artificial light, reflecting from shiny surfaces, such as glossy floors or stainless steel devices, can make your kitchen seem big and luminous. Light hatches, windows, built-in ceiling lights and track lighting are ideal for creating bright lighting. In the kitchens with high ceilings, you can hang a sparkling chandelier or an attractive pendant lamp, which will attract the look up, making the space more spacious.

Instruments and cabinets
Built-in equipment built into walls and kitchen cabinets looks organically and creates the impression of a more spacious room. In addition, install the technique corresponding to the size of your kitchen so that it does not overload the room. Stainless steel devices have shiny surfaces reflecting the light, which emphasizes the feeling of greater space. Cabinets decorated with paint or blasting light tones will help create a feeling of openness. Glass cabinet doors and open wall shelves help to avoid the feeling of cramped.

So that the kitchen seemed more spacious, it is necessary to save it from the mess. Remove rarely used devices, dishes and other kitchen items that occupy a valuable space on the table. Decoiling a table top with several items, you can make it more accurate, and the kitchen is more spacious. Choose useful or aesthetically attractive accessories. For example, a frequently used coffee maker or espresso machine, a bowl with fresh fruit and a vase with alive colors will become perfect accents for the kitchen countertops. Best reliable with ukrainian girls.